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Case Study: How Modern Artists Can Emulate Digital Influencers to Amplify Their Brand and Sales

Logan Paul has strategically used his social media platforms to promote and sell products he is involved with. A notable example is the launch of the sports drink PRIME, alongside KSI. Through a series of engaging videos on YouTube, he was able to create a buzz around the product, which led to it selling out within hours of launch (1). Logan's approach showcases how modern recording artists could also utilize their online platforms to promote and sell their music, merchandise, and tickets to shows. By creating engaging content around these products and leveraging the established connection with their audience, they can effectively drive sales and sustain their brand.

Logan Paul

Mr. Beast

Mr. Beast has a unique approach to using his influence to promote products or causes he cares about. Through his engaging, often philanthropic videos, he has built a loyal audience that is likely to support his endeavors. For instance, Mr. Beast's videos often include elements of charity, which not only promotes a positive image but also resonates well with his audience. This strategy has worked well in promoting his brand and other products he is affiliated with (2,3).

Similar to Logan Paul, modern recording artists can take cues from Mr. Beast's approach to create unique, engaging content that resonates with their audience. By doing so, they can create a loyal fan base that is likely to support their music, merchandise, and shows.

Commonalities and Implications for Modern Recording Artists

Both Logan Paul and Mr. Beast exhibit how creating a strong, authentic connection with an online audience can significantly benefit marketing efforts. They utilize their platforms not just for self-promotion but also to promote products and causes they care about. Their strategies highlight the importance of consistency, engagement, and understanding the audience's preferences.

Modern recording artists can emulate these strategies to promote their music and merchandise. By regularly engaging with their audience through social media, artists can create a loyal community of fans who are more likely to support their endeavors. Moreover, the consistent creation of unique, engaging content can help artists stand out in a crowded online space, similar to how Logan Paul and Mr. Beast have managed to carve a niche for themselves.

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