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Revolutionizing The Modern Day Artist: The Role of Technology in ARMY's Vision

In the vast landscape of music, there exist many talented voices, often lost in the echoes of social media influence. Art Rules My Youth (ARMY) is standing up to change this narrative. The aim - to empower independent artists through unprecedented technological advancements, creating a level playing field in an industry notorious for its high barriers to entry.

Historically, major labels have held the keys to an artist’s success, controlling marketing, distribution, and other practices that often made it difficult for independent artists to break through. ARMY is changing this dynamic by utilizing a state-of-the-art AI model by Unbias.

"Predictive streaming is a new way of thinking about the relationship between music, artist, and audience. These relationships are powered by AI, big data, and machine learning... For the purpose of music streaming, predictions are used to forecast a song’s growth behavior over time." - Mohamed Kamal

Consider Feux's upcoming new project, Max Mantra, a campaign ARMY's running using this AI model. Unbias technology aids us in creating precise and effective marketing plans, based on accurate song predictions, budget recommendations, and targeting similar artists and sub-genres. While Feux has an already established in-person fanbase, the potential for online growth is exponential.

Art Rules My Youth wants to break the status quo and provide independent artists with the same tools and accessibility major-label artists have enjoyed for years. The potential of this technology stretches from developing artists to mainstream ones, making it a game-changer for everyone involved.

But let's be clear: ARMY is not just a technological novelty; it is a beacon for the forgotten artist, the musician who creates art out of passion and the sheer love for music. We believe that the music industry has strayed too far from this focus, prioritizing quick-profit influencers and one-hit wonders.

ARMY's mission is to give the stage back to artists like Feux, artists who might not have massive online followings but have cultivated solid fan bases. The aim is to amplify these artists, build their online presence, and get them noticed by larger distribution companies and labels.

So here we are, at the intersection of art and technology, reimagining how the music industry can operate. Art Rules My Youth is daring to think differently, to question the norms, and to build a platform that could, in turn, build careers. We're investing in artists who are the "antithesis" of the modern-day artist and helping them shine in their own right.


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